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Symbols - Fractals of Life

Albert Einstein at the technical school BBB in Baden, Switzerland
Albert Einstein at the Technical College BBB in Baden, Switzerland

There is a term in scientific language, which I came across more and more often recently, when reading about advanced concepts of leading mathematicians, cell-biologists and theoretical physicists. No matter they describe cell processes, disruptions in the continuum of life, even the creation of the universe; »fractals« have become talk of the town. We are on the cutting edge of an exciting and revolutionary development rocking the foundations of modern Physics.

Evolution is based upon fractal geometry

With his M-theory (M may stand for Mother, Mystery or Membrane) Michio Kaku has found a mathematical solution which has room for all our observations including the start of the universe, creation of matter, dark matter and black holes, spaces where our laws of physics do not apply and so on. Indeed »room« is a good expression for that, because his solution consists of 10 dimensions of space plus 1 dimension of time. It includes parallel universes. These are needed to process whatever decision we take, as you know the observer creates his reality, just read his books »Hyperspace« or »Parallel Worlds«.

The 4th dimension of space actually is the holy geometry and mathematics of manifestation. Here the laws of manifestation take form, create images, put structure into space, define how different parts of something fit together in relation to each other.

An understanding of this geometry is important for studying the structure of our environment and biosphere. But what does it look like? Until recently the only geometry studied was Euclidian geometry, which deals with structures like cubes, spheres and cones that can be mapped on paper. However, Euclidian geometry does not apply to Nature. In Nature, most structures display irregular and chaotic-appearing patterns. These natural structures can only be created by using fractal geometry.

The mathematics of fractals is amazingly simple. Only one simple equation of multiplication and addition is solved. The result is then put back into the original equation and that equation is solved again. This process is ever-repeating, and so is the inherent nature of the geometry of fractals. As a result we find »self-similar« patterns nested within one another, which is why cells, a human being and the human civilization are »self-similar« images at different levels of organization. The conclusion of Bruce Lipton is that a cell could tell us how to fix a universe.

In this article I want to focus on a different aspect, this is all the minor contributions to that big equation. A complex formula containing all relations and interactions is my concept of how all our universe can be described and how it alters. The equation is not stable or even fixed, because every thought from every player in this field, every decision has an impact and requires permanent rebalancing and new solutions. To be healthy means to be in - line with the current solution, be able to readjust when the formula changes, therefore be in synchronicity with the universe, respond in coherence.

Now imagine, to look just at the human race, how many forms and actions create fractal modifications within this running formula every microsecond, this gives a good image of the highly interactive process we experience in life, being part of this formula, part of its solution.

Is health when coherent self is connected in synchronicity with the environment? When spontaneous healing happens (it usually takes only seconds) could it be a switch has been found that functions at the instantaneous correct moment, and not after lots of thoughts, processing time and processing error? Is time-shift the reason for so much sickness in this world, because the conscious mind takes so much processing time to respond on what is? Is the response then no longer adequate? And how precisely could a response be, when input is filtered through the belief systems via the five senses? If I live in the past, is it possible that the small portion of my realization is not valid anymore? Maybe the effort I take to act on something is a strong correlation to time shift and filter size? How far am I living in the past?

Aikido and the Harmony of Nature

Wall painting with swastika as a fractal
The swastika symbol as a fractal - in Sanskrit associated with well-being
Wall painting at the gate of Jaipur City Palace in India

He who is »in the flow« - like an Aikido master in his practice - shows different response capabilities, namely harmony in action. It is a customary practice in Aikido that the student tries to attack his master, who is neither seeing nor hearing the student. Of course the student fails. His action creates instability and disturbs the balance or peace of the universe. The master, if he is ONE with the universe, is aware of the disturbance, but there is no conscious sense of the attack or even his response. Still he throws the attacker through space before the attacker could have even touched him. Needless to say - this action is effortless.

I call being in the present moment intuition. Top athletes talk about »being in the zone«, and it feels like being able to reflect upon how earth begun.

Reiki Symbols are fractal solutions

When I wrote about the way I see Reiki symbols and their effect, I described Reiki Symbols like tools to look at my world (address the moment) in a specific way, and the rest of the formula has to balance that equation. With the new science I could now further refine that understanding, that with the symbols I recall certain concepts of unity, harmony and primordial consciousness, and as a geometric fractal I superimpose these symbols as a partial solution into the running formula of my environment. The new solution of the great formula will consider my focus. Repeating these patterns will create a more stable environment around my place in the universe. Applying Reiki to my body or creating a place full of Reiki around me is like connecting to the inherent solution describing the best fit harmony in the present moment.

While Aikido is action in harmony Reiki is a harmonic solution with no action required. Both are effortless.

Axel Ebert • April 2009

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