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In the House of Hawayo Takata

When I went to Hawaii for vacation , I did not have a single thought for Reiki, apart from my addiction to the daily self-treatments of course.

It was after an impressive first week on Maui, that a visit to Big Island, the largest island belonging to Hawaii, was on the list, and somehow quite suddenly it came into my mind, that Hawayo Takata had her home on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Was there perhaps somewhere traces, and if so - then on which of the islands?

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Trust doubt, doubt certainty

A practitioner questions Reiki concepts in Western schools.

When I went to Japan in 2008 to learn Usui Reiki Ryoho, the original Japanese Reiki, I was certain I would find confirmation of the essential teachings from what I knew from the Reiki Network. I knew John and Esther Veltheim had done so much investigation, learning from different Western lineages, and finally it is Network vision to teach Reiki at the highest standards.

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Symbols - Fractals of Life

There is a term in scientific language, which I came across more and more often recently, when reading about advanced concepts of leading mathematicians, cell-biologists and theoretical physicists. No matter they describe cell processes, disruptions in the continuum of life, even the creation of the universe; »fractals« have become talk of the town. We are on the cutting edge of an exciting and revolutionary development rocking the foundations of modern Physics.

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Reiki in Japan

What is the essence of Reiki? What is just form?

In spring 2008 I travelled to Japan to learn Japanese Reiki (Usui Reiki Ryoho) first and second degree with Tadao Yamaguchi. Tadao's mother has learned Reiki from Chujiro Hayashi, that's why they call their teachings Jikiden - direct. I am not sure about my motive. On the one hand I have practiced Western Reiki in the lineage of Takata and the Reiki Network for 8 years; I have become a Reiki master because of my inner knowing that Reiki works, the greatest gift I have been awarded in life. On the other hand there is this curiosity. The unexplainable is attractive for exploration. I guess it is a kind of network tradition to look behind the scenes. Will I find confirmation of our teachings, methods and of course our symbols? Why do I challenge my concepts about Reiki? Why do I question my perceptions? It turns out, destruction is on its way. Typically Reiki, I would say. Because the way Mrs. Takata taught the symbols and attunements differs from what her teacher Chujiro Hayashi has done in Japan. Talk about the disruptive feminine! This I mean highly philosophically because without Mrs. Takata, Reiki would not have been so popular.

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Surrender - in a breath

»Train yourself to let go - of everything you fear to loose.«

Today I believe I understood the essence of breathing. When I realized this I simply had to laugh. Although I had practiced yoga for 24 years, somehow I never really did it. 24 years for a 5 Minute lesson. My breathing exercises were like the Reiki we call unconsciously given. I was hunting for the perfect cycle 4-16-8-8, which stands for in-hold-out-hold in seconds. I improved to 5-20-10-10 and soon after to 6-24-12-12. From there, there was no move in time extension and - as you might already guess - in joy, and over all these years the benefits I gained from this »trying« were rather limited.

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The five concepts as questions

With his 5 concepts or principles Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, has left a highly philosophical legacy, how the recipe for a satisfied life looks like. During the Reiki seminar I explain in detail, why Reiki is so helpful if someone wants to live these concepts, therefore attain happiness in life. In this article however I want to emphasize that to live these concepts, Reiki is no prerequisite. Lets take a closer look, even if you do not have Reiki.

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About strengths, weaknesses and Reiki

This is about comparison with others and criticism. Criticism naturally involves judgments, coming from relative perceptions. I sense my neighbor always relative to me, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

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The palm leaf prophecies

My Reiki path is strongly related to the palm leaf prophecies, and I have received various questions about them. I understand there are different libraries at various places. In India they say if it is your destiny you will find your leaf(s) without searching.

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