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About strengths, weaknesses and Reiki

This is about comparison with others and criticism. Criticism naturally involves judgments, coming from relative perceptions. I sense my neighbor always relative to me, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker.

How did I get a sense for my strengths and weaknesses in the first place? At the very beginning, there were probably environment signals, perhaps even criticism given by a close relative. Such criticism should not necessarily deserve mayor attention. Often it says more about the perspective of the critic. Am I »weak« when I do not follow social standards, when I do not fight, not win, not succeed, not gain recognition, when I am sick?

If I criticize, I come from the position of strength or from the position of a victim. Often, both is the same. From the position of strength - how much fear is present, to trap into a similar awkward situation? Doesn't this sound like victim consciousness mixed with an undeserved feeling of luck, fortune, coincidence, being spared (so far)? Is there an insecure feeling of relief that it did not hit me (so far)? How would I behave in such a miserable situation as the other is in? What does the person being criticized show me in reality?

As a critic I show strength. Maybe I once defeated others. Certainly I have defeated »weaker persons«! My strength is my weakness! Would I fight against a stronger one? Even more challenging - would I fight against myself, facing my own fears and and other well covered weaknesses?

Anyone who believes he is strong - is already weak. And what about those feeling weak? Maybe you have fought and lost? Weren't you strong then? Maybe you have realized that a fight was useless? Weren't you wise then? Where is the weakness then? Maybe a situation requires training in non-resistance or adaptation? It is not always the fight, that overcomes an alleged weakness. It can be more of a battle to change the personal point of view.

Suddenly strengths and weaknesses loose their emotional load. It makes me strong, to get in touch with my supposed weaknesses, to address the situation. It is like bringing a »dark side« to the light, and uniting with it is like uniting with a part of my self, then this part is no longer hidden in the darkness, the concepts dissolve.

Reiki is extremely valuable in this process. I have found a tool that releases positive and negative charges (judgements) from all areas of life. With Reiki I feel what it means to be »Son of God«.

Axel Ebert • August 2004

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