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The palm leaf prophecies

My Reiki path is strongly related to the palm leaf prophecies, and I have received various questions about them. I understand there are different libraries at various places. In India they say if it is your destiny you will find your leaf(s) without searching.

In Bangalore I found an interpreter who was pretty precise in my past and hobbies and also what might happen in the future. On the other hand some things did not happen as predicted.

From my visits (2) I value most that I was given suggestions which lead me to unexpected ways, and also the understanding that everything is happening for a reason was great.

On the other hand I find it important not to put too much emphasizes on the interpretations. It could nurture a victim consciousness instead of working with the moment and loving myself the way I am (the recipe for happiness).

My palm leafs were written on in Sanskrit from long time ago. I had to tell only date, time and place of birth. The predicted arrival date in my library then gave the clue, if there was a leaf for me.

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